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Securing Your Blog: Protecting Yourself and Your Readers

Even if you own a simple blog, website security is still a priority that you should not overlook. Your blog may be used to spread spam, malware, and viruses, which can ruin your blog, your name, and put your readers at risk. The Internet is filled with cyber criminals waiting to take advantage over every vulnerability they can find. As a responsible blogger, follow these tips to protect your blog and your readers:

Pick a difficult password

It is generally advised to use a password that has some capital letters, numbers, and special characters in them and to have a password that is at least 8 character long. Although it can be a hassle to type in such a long password, it is the first of many security measures that protects your blog. Change your password every three months to make sure you will not be hacked. You can find more details on 먹튀검증 on the site

Check your admin account

If you have a generic admin account for your blog, create a new admin account and delete the generic one. This will make you more in charge of your blog and its contents. A generic admin account is more vulnerable to hackers.

Invest in malware scanning software

This software will automatically check the source code of your blog for any problems and malicious codes and if there are any problems found, you will be alerted right away.

Update all your software

Upgrading all the software that you use for your blog is a must. Makers of these software always have issue updates that will include fixes for the most recent website vulnerabilities. They barely announce these updates which is why it is best to set your software to update automatically.

Limit access to your blog

You should be the only one who can do admin privileges in your blog. If you have someone posting content on your blog, make sure that you do not allow full access. Disable their access as soon as the job is done and change your password every time. As for content submission from your readers, this may be a good way to get some engagement on your site but it also attracts spam and malware.

Control your ads

Ads are the best way bloggers get to earn money but it is also a very popular method to spread malware so you have to be careful about which ads should be posted in your blog. Join an ad network with high security and make sure that you verify the ads you have in your blog.

Back up regularly

Make it a habit to back up your blog content every week. This way, in case of a security breach, you can easily restore the content of your blog with no worries and hassle.

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