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Welcome to the web site of the Twinning Project-TR02EN01

Twinning is an initiative of the European Commission, which is designed to assist candidate countries in acquiring the independent capacity to adopt, implement and enforce the full acquis before accession to the European Union.


The overall objective of this Twinning Project is to establish the capacity of the Turkish administration to implement the acquis communautaire in the field of environment. This component of the twinning project aims at the establishment of the necessary institutional capacity to transpose and implement the EU Nature Conservation Directives, namely the Birds Directive (79/409/EEC) and the Habitats Directive (92/43/EEC), as well as the CITES Convention and related European Regulations (EEC/362/82, EEC/3418/83 and EC/338/97).


The actual beginning date of this Twinning Project, named as "Capacity Building in the Field of Environment for Turkey, Component 3: Nature", was 09.03.2004 and in order to share the knowledge in sustainable and effective management of nature protection a "Kick-Off Workshop" was held between 03-06 May 2004.

The present Twinning project will comprise two project components:

  • Sub-project I – Implementation of the Birds Directive and the Habitats Directive
  • Sub-project II - Implementation of CITES

The following table shows a draft summary of the work packages (WP) and activities designed for the implementation of the Twinning Project.

Sub-project I comprises thirteen work packages, sub-project II consists of five work packages. In addition, there is a working package including the preparation and delivery of the kick-off workshop for both sub-projects and the closing workshop, where the results of the project will be presented to a broader audience.

In the present article of the Covenant a summary of the contents of the work packages of the sub-projects I and II is given, whereas details of the work packages will be explained in Article 6 of the Covenant. An overview of all work packages and activities is given in the following tables (Sub I and Sub 2)

There will be a kick-off workshop for both sub-projects at the beginning of the project. The kick-off workshop does not only include the introduction to the project background, but also 1 day of presentations on German experience in sustainable and effective management of nature protection and 1 day of site visits. At the end of the project, the results of the project and the “lessons learnt” will be presented and future perspectives discussed during a closing workshop.

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